Puerto Galera Muelle Pier

Puerto Galera Philippines

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What to do after arrival?



So, there you are. You have arrived in Puerto Galera, most likely via Muelle Port.

Welcome! After you got off the boat from Batangas, and if you had made a prior

reservation you most likely have been met by the representative of the resort,

who has put you on the way to your destination. If not, you probably were

met by one or more "recruiters" or "tourist guides", who tried to whisk you

away to either White Beach or Sabang, No problem here, but you might want

to have a look around yourself, because there are plenty of other places to choose from.

Puerto Galera town may look somewhat sleepy and this probably because it is.

Town proper is the place where you go for grocery shopping, hardware supply,

banking and dental treatment. There are surely some establishments that offer

drinks and food but in case you are looking for real accommodation and "action"

you will have to look outside town. Don't worry Puerto Galera is not that big and

there are plenty of options available AND we made this website to provide you

with information that hopefully will help you.

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Take the Puerto Galera Tour