Establishments in Sabang


Puerto Galera Philippines

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Establishment      Classification Telephone Number  Map
4M Billiard Hall Events    
AAA Apartment Accommodation   043-287-3094  
Action Divers  Scuba Diving 043-287-3140  
Angelyn's Beach Resort       Accommodation  Dining  043-287-3047  
Asia Divers Scuba Diving   043-287-3167  
At Cann's Inn  Accommodation Dining  0918-799-7303  
Atienza Lodge Accommodation  Dining     
Atlantis Dive Resort Accommodation Dining Scuba 043-287-3066  
Baldris Cottage Accommodation 043-287-3170  
BG Management & Consultancy Services 043-287-3240  
Big Apple Dive Resort Accommodation Dining Scuba 043-287-3134  
Blue Water Dive Shop Scuba Diving   043-287-3089  
Breeze Apartelle Accommodation     
Broadway Disco Nightlife 043-287-3447  
Buri Beach Resort Accommodation Dining    
Carlo's Inn Accommodation Dining     
Capt'n Gregg's Dive Centre Accommodation Dining Scuba  Diving 043-287-3070  
Cataquis Lodge House Accommodation Dining    
Cathy's Parlor Services     
Centrum Disco Events    
Centrum Super Umbrella Services 043-287-3047  
Club Mabuhay Accommodation Dining Scuba  Diving    
Cocktail Dive Shop Scuba  Diving    
Coco Beach Medical Clinic Services     
Coco Beach Resort Accommodation Dining Scuba 0919-540-1698  
Coco Explorer Events    
Coral Motorbike Rental Rentals     
Corina's Inn Accommodation Dining    
Cottage White Rose Accommodation Dining    
De Chavez Dental Clinic Services 043-287-3032  
Diamond Shipping Lines Transportation 043-287-3047  
Diver's Café Nightlife 043-287-3436  
Dreamtime Publishing Shopping    
Eddie's Place Accommodation Dining 043-287-3126  
El Galleon Accommodation Dining Scuba  Diving    
El Oro Accommodation Dining    
Elsie's VIP Lodge Accommodation Dining    
Facellaneous Services 043-287-3063  
Father & Son Shipping Lines Transportation 043-287-3394  
Fernando's Dining    
Filipino Travel Center Services 043-287-3108  
Frontier Scuba Scuba Diving 043-287-3077  
Fullmoon Kayak Rental Accommodation Dining Rentals    
Garden of Eden Accommodation Dining Scuba Diving 043-287-3096  
Gerlie's Inn Accommodation Dining    
Going Places Services    
Gold Coast Accommodation    
Havana Moon Accommodation Dining    
It's Okey Bar Nightlife 043-287-3026  
Jovimel's Inn Accommodation Dining    
Juling's Place Accommodation Dining    
Khayo & Berta Green Fields Accommodation 043-287-3297  
KJ Eatery Dining    
L.A. General Merchandise Provisions 043-287-3358  
Lala's Boutique Services    
Lalaguna Beach Club Accommodation Dining Scuba    
Lory's Inn Accommodation Dining    
Lucita's Drygoods Store Shopping 043-287-3057  
Marelex Accommodation Dining     
Mark David Lodge Accommodation Dining     
Maryland Paradise Inn Accommodation Dining    
McRom's Bar & Sizzling House Dining 043-287-3114  
McRom's Travel & Tours Services 043-287-3299  
Mermaid Resort Accommodation Dining 043-287-3301  
Metropolitan Doctors Clinic Services 043-287-3156  
Miller's Corner Accommodation Dining    
Minerva's Dry Goods Store Shopping   043-287-3091  
Mingay's Lodge Accommodation Dining 043-287-3038  
Nick & Sonia Cottages Accommodation Dining    
Octopus Divers Scuba Diving 043-287-3019  
PG Laundry Services  043-287-3152  
PGTel Telephone Co. Services     
PGTel Internet Cafe Services     
Philippine Divers Scuba Diving    
Pinagpala Accommodation  Dining    
Prince Diving Resort Accommodation Scuba Diving 043-287-3155  
Puerto Galera Enterprises Services 043-287-3104  
Queen Mary's Accommodation  Dining    
Red Coral Cottages Accommodation  Dining 043-287-3124  
Rejie's Meat Shop Provisions 043-287-3418  
Reynaldo's Upstairs Accommodation  Dining    
Rock's Purified Water Provisions 043-287-3111  
RJ Drygoods Store Shopping     
Roelyn's Inn Accommodation Dining    
Sabang Corner Lodge Accommodation Dining     
Sabang Disco Nightlife 043-287-3074  
Sabang Inn Accommodation Dining     
Sail On Drygoods Store Shopping     
Scandinavian Dive Resort Accommodation Dining Scuba Diving    
Scuba World Scuba Diving 043-287-3158  
Seabreeze Vista Lodge Accommodation Dining    
Seahorse Lodge Accommodation Dining    
Sea Queen Dive Scuba Diving 043-287-3048  
Sergio's Lodging House Accommodation Dining    
Sha-Che Inn Accommodation Dining    
Sonny's Inn Accommodation Dining    
South Sea Divers Scuba Diving 043-287-3052  
Star Bakery Shopping 043-287-3290  
Starfish Inn Accommodation Dining    
Step & Garden Resort Accommodation 043-287-3046  
Sunset Paradise Disco Events 043-287-3161  
Sunshine Lodge Accommodation Dining    
Sunsplash Accommodation Dining    
Swagman Travel Services    
Terraces Garden Resort Accommodation Dining    
Tesohn Prints Services 043-287-3160  
Tessie's Drygoods Store Shopping    
The Village Disco Events    
Tina's Inn Accommodation Dining 043-287-3139  
Tina's Upstairs Accommodation Dining    
Tony's Bakery Provisions    
Tropical Massage Services    
Tropicana Resort Hotel Accommodation Dining Scuba Diving 043-287-3075  
Venie's Place Accommodation Dining    
Villa Estelita Accommodation Dining Shopping    
Villa Sabang Accommodation 043-287-3417