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Public Transportation

Public transportation in the Municipality of Puerto Galera takes five forms:


jeepneys (four-wheeled vehicles)


habal-habal (just motorbikes that offers you a ride to payment)

and bancas.


        Each of these forms of transportation is represented by an Association which works with the Municipality to determine fares, schedules, departure points, standing sequence and so on.

        In 1993 there were about 5 jeepneys in Puerto Galera and tricycle did not exist. Most transportation was done on foot or by motor or peddle banca. A decade later there were dozens of jeepneys and literally hundreds of tricycles. Tricycles and jeepneys can be hailed wherever you happen to encounter them although jeepneys and tricycle are restricted to waiting at certain stops where a Standing Sequence is in effect.

       Each and every public transport operator must be licensed. You are entitled to seeing this license at any time. By law these licenses must be carried on all vehicles or vessels.

          There is officially only one pricing system for public transportation. All operators are required to carry a copy of the Fare Schedule and you are entitled to see this schedule whenever you want. Tourists are not obliged to pay more or less than residents for public transportation. Technically a public transportation operator cannot refuse to take a passenger to a destination for the approved fare, but this is as difficult to enforce here as it is in Manila, Amsterdam, New York or Paris.

        When traveling around, the same convenience as in America or Europe should not be expected. You surely should give yourself some time allowance. Especially jeepneys do not depart on a real fixed schedule. The departure time depends fully on the number of passengers, which means the jeepney will leave when the load is full. Be prepared for close contact, because densities are based on smaller frames. In case you and other passengers would like to depart earlier, you could do this at the driver's discretion and for an additional fare payment.

          Tricycle drivers often expect payment for a full capacity load (four passengers) if they have made a trip with only one passenger...but this arguable and not even locals accept this logic.


          In Puerto Galera there are two kinds of trips to choose from. One is called Ordinary Trip, while the other is called Special Trip and the difference is quite important.

Ordinary Trip: The rate is regulated. It is very wise to make this distinction clear before the trip starts in order to avoid unnecessary conversations on arrival.

Special Trip: These trips are an option for the passenger and not an obligation. Note however that drivers are very quick to sense that you need them more than they need you, especially when it rains or at night. After dark the availability of public transport decreases by the minute and Ordinary Trips are just as quickly converted into Special Trips as the sun sets.